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Annual Mental Health Awareness Celebration

Updated: Apr 24

CareLink will mark Mental Health Awareness Month by hosting its annual Mental Health Awareness Celebration on May 17 from 11:00am to 3:00pm in Ridley Creek State Park. The event will feature food, drinks, raffle baskets, a live DJ, a basketball hoop, games, and more!

In the event of inclement weather, all activities will be held on May 24.

Getting to the Celebration

Please enter one of the addresses below into a GPS and use the directions provided:


Address 1: Ridley Creek State Park - Area 17 Pavilion


GPS directions to “Ridley Creek State Park - Area 17 Pavilion” will take you directly to the picnic site inside the park, but if “Area 17 Pavilion” doesn’t come up as an option in your GPS, please try the following:


Address 2: Ridley Creek State Park Entrance, 339 Gradyville Road, Glen Mills, PA 19342


  1. Enter Ridley Creek State Park at 339 Gradyville Road and you’ll be on Sandy Flash Drive South.

  2. Stay on Sandy Flash Drive South for about 0.8 miles and follow the CareLink lawn signs (pictured below) and/or park signs to Pavilion 17 or Area 17, or just the number 17 (signs in the park are inconsistent).

  3. After 0.8 miles on Sandy Flash Drive, take a left onto Ridley Creek Sp Road (a park access road).

  4. Stay on Ridley Creek Sp Road for about 0.9 miles to Pavilion/Area 17.

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