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CareLink Referral Bonus Program

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

One of the ways CareLink Community Support Services continues to bring on new staff is to obtain referrals from our wonderful employees. Referring friends and family assists us in staffing programs to support the individuals we serve. We value our employees and hope that they will share their positive experience at CareLink with their loved ones. Because CareLink would like to thank employees who refer others for employment, we currently have a team member referral bonus of $500.00 available to eligible CareLink employees.

Guidelines to receive the referral bonus:

  • New employee/s referred must be hired and remain full-time for the entirety of one year at the title of RC/DSP; this new hired referral must have no break in coverage in order to receive the two disbursements: (1) six-month and (2) one-year.

  • Half of the bonus ($250.00) will be paid once the new full-time employee successfully completes a six-month orientation period without breaks in service.

  • The remaining/final half of the bonus ($250.00) will be paid once the new full-time employee successfully completes a one-year period without breaks in service .

  • Employees who are at Assistant Director level and above are not eligible for this bonus.

  • Any employee who is involved in the decision-making or interview process will not be eligible for a referral bonus for that particular hire.

  • In order to receive the referral bonus, both the new employee and the referring employee must be employed by CareLink after the six-month waiting period, as well as the one year of service.

  • The new employees MUST put the name of the employee who is referring them on their application in StaffingPro.

The Employee Referral Bonus will be included in the employee’s regular pay check; it will not be issued as a separate check. The amount of $250.00 for each distribution will be listed under the Incentive line item in your check.

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