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CareLink Honored by the Springfield Lions Club

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

CareLink Community Support Services was honored for its service to the Springfield, PA community at the Springfield Lions Club’s annual community and youth dinner on May 23.

CareLink President & CEO Gary Woomer and other community providers were recognized with donations from the Lions Club and given the chance to speak at the event, which was held at Anthony’s Ristorante in Springfield. Mr. Woomer thanked Jerry McCabe and Larry Peranteau, both longtime members of CareLink’s Board of Directors, for providing him with the opportunity to attend the dinner and meeting.

From left to right, front row: Rev. Katherine McShane, Community Cup Coffeehouse; Tristan Gansky, Fostering Hope Delco; Marianne Rivello, Springfield Library and back row: Springfield Police Officer Andrew Graff, Neighborhood Town Watch; Rev. Chris Heisey-Terrell, Loaves and Fishes; Ken Felker, Springfield Fire Department; Brad Miller, Springfield Ambulance Corp; Sarah Gibbons, Chair of Community and Youth and representative of the Girl Scouts; Joe Johnson, Springfield Athletic Association; Larry Healy,President of Springfield Lions; Kelly Montouro, Springfield Youth Club; Gary Woomer, CareLink; John McFadden, Delco Hero Scholarship Fund; and David Krauter, Springfield Volunteer Wall Fund.

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