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May Is Mental Health Awareness Month

Throughout the month of May, CareLink Community Services joins others around the country in raising awareness about mental health and working to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Statistics from the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) indicate that one in every 20 adults lives with a serious mental health condition such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or long-term recurring major depression, and during any given year, one in five American adults experiences some form of mental illness.

Unfortunately, the stigma associated with mental illness often creates feelings of shame and fear that can discourage many of those individuals from seeking help. Negative perceptions of mental illness won’t change unless we all work to shine a light on mental health issues.

How can you help? Fight stigma by using compassion and practicing empathy, become educated about mental illness, and consider supporting CareLink in its mission to provide assistance to people with mental illness and their families. Together, we can increase awareness about mental health and break the stigma!

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