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Forensic Services

The STAR program assists people with disabilities and problem sexual behavior

For over 15 years, CareLink has been providing services for adults with disabilities who do not fit into existing forensic or behavioral health care services. CareLink’s specialized services help ensure that people with problem sexual behavior or forensic involvement get effective treatment for improved community functioning.

Psychosexual Assessments

  1. Comprehensive assessments for people with problem sexual behaviors and who have mental illness and/or developmental disabilities.
  2. Specially trained clinicians review psychiatric, medical, and police records.  They conduct a clinical interview and may do standardized testing with the person.
  3. Written reports provide a complete sexual history, summary of findings, and recommendations for treatment.

Day Services

  1. Psychiatric counseling and rehabilitative treatment specialized for the needs of people with inappropriate sexual behavior and/or other forensic issues.
  2. Staff includes a psychiatrist and mental health professionals with expertise in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, creative arts therapy, and group therapy, as well as problem sexual behavior.
  3. Topics addressed include anger management, sexuality, self-esteem, relapse prevention, and drug and alcohol issues.
  4. The program operates Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM, and accepts private payment and approved insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Residential Services

  1. STAR I, II, and affiliated residences provide 24-hour support and supervision in a secure facility seven days per week.
  2. All programs emphasize clients meeting the rights, responsibilities, and common behavioral expectations of community living.
  3. Intensive staffing and a closely coordinated team approach ensure consistent treatment.
  4. Programs include: Individualized relapse prevention planning; comprehensive assessment and treatment planning, closely supervised community outings, and individual resident bedrooms.


  1. CareLink’s expertise is shared through training for agencies to improve their effectiveness with clients who have problem sexual behavior.
  2. Our dual expertise in mental health/developmental disabilities and forensics brings a depth of knowledge not usually available to program staff.
  3. Each session is developed to meet the needs of the host agency.  The format, content, and scheduling of training programs are flexible.

Therapy Groups

  1. On-going group therapy conducted by specially trained clinicians at various locations in the Delaware Valley.
  2. Group therapy programs developed for clients with histories of deviant sexual behavior, who have been arrested for sexual offenses, need social skills training, or have other forensic issues.
  3. Each group is tailored to meet the needs of the requesting agency and the people served.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact:
William Dahlenburg, Regional Director
1201 Stanbridge Street, Building #13
Norristown, PA 19401
Phone: 610-270-9120
Fax: 610-270-9148